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Hello. I'm Emma. This is my official blog, you're welcoming to here. All stories are mine, unless I stated it. Don't bash me if you don't like my stories. Thank you.
★ Brandon, my Spaghetti.
Tuesday, July 2, 2013 | Leave a comment ? (0)

His name is Brandon. Yes, he is my 'boyfriend', my soul mate, my cuddle/hug buddy, my prank love, my partner in crime, my Spaghetti and I am his cheese ball. Easy to say, he is my everything. He is my best friend from the first time I start active in Role player World, around December 2011 or January 2012. He knows everything about my story and what happened to me. He even helped me the time I got into trouble. Unfortunately, he don't really know all of my personality and behaviors yet. Maybe because he is rarely online back then. Maybe now, he will know it slowly unless the one that I keep hide from everyone even from him. Sorry Brandon. I think you have to figure it out yourself. Haha. I hope you really know me. Brandon. If there is no Rifqie to make me smiles and laughs, he will be there beside me. He is the second super hero to me. He will make me smiles and laughs over his jokes and act. He can be so adorable sometimes. No kidding. You must be so proud if you read that I tell you "adorable". Cheh. We love to prank each other too, that is the second thing that always make me laughs beside of his joke. I really love talking to him. You make me feels better. I am so glad that I found you back. I hope you know that. The reason why I called him cuddle/hug buddy because whenever both of us got problems or something that make us feel bad we will hug and sometimes cuddle each other till we are fine. (Obviously we can just cuddle in the cyber, since we are far far away from each other.) But his hug makes me smiles and I kinda feel like I got a warm hug even in real life. OTL to myself. I just don't know what should I say anymore. You know me right ? I am so suck at making a letter or speech. But I really want to do it for you because I want to show you how much I appreciated you and love you, Brandon <3 Sorry if it is lame tho. But it is really from the deep of my heart. I hope we can always be together forever and always, I hope you won't forget me or neglected me no matter where you are, no matter how happy you are. Although you will have a girlfriend sooner or later, I hope you still want to talk with me and not ignoring me. I hope whenever you got a new friend, I am still your number one best friend. I just scared that I will lose you one day. I don't want that happen. I am sorry if I ever pissed you off and make you mad. I am so sorry if I ever annoyed you. I don't know how to act properly or show that I want some attention from my best friend. So, I will act something silly that will pissed you off, obviously. I am such a fool , you know ? Lastly, I really love you, Brandon. You are my best guy ever. I am glad to have you with me. Thank you. 

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